The 20 books C-suite execs are reading in summer 2020

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The 20 books C-suite execs are reading in summer 2020

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced firms around the world to shut down their offices and their employees to work from home – with many wondering what the future holds. 
  • Perlego – the “Spotify for textbooks” – analyzed data from more than 600 of its C-suite customers to find out what business leaders were reading in these strange times. 
  • Standouts include books by Nike cofounder Phil Knight and tech investor Ben Horowitz. 
  • Perlego CEO Gauthier Van Malderen said senior execs had used their time in isolation to learn the “crucial skills” needed for businesses to survive. 
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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in businesses all around the world shutting down their offices and telling employees to work from home. 

The change of pace has forced senior executives to strategize the future of their firms while relying on video-calls and text messages. 

Perlego – an online library startup dubbed the “Spotify of textbooks” – has analyzed the most popular books read by more than 600 C-suite executives using its platform. 

Titles include bestsellers by the likes of Nike cofounder Phil Knight and Ben Horowitz, one of the best-known investors in Silicon Valley. 

“[Executives] are reading books on leading in times of crisis, dealing with stress, engaging a remote workforce, preparing for a post-COVID world and many more topics,” Perlego CEO Gauthier Van Malderen told Business Insider.

We broke down the 20 most popular books being read by C-suite executives this summer: 

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