Microsoft Surface Duo review / Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review / Xbox Series S and X preview

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Nilay, Dieter, and Tom discuss reviews of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2, Microsoft’s Surface Duo, and Android 11. Also, previews of the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Stories from this week:

  • White House reportedly moves to eliminate COVID-19 security theater at airports
  • Trump’s latest attack on Section 230 is really about censoring speech
  • Microsoft Surface Duo review: double troubles
  • How Microsoft built its folding Android phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review: an extravagant success
  • Android 11 review: features by the dozen
  • Welcome to the next generation of gaming
  • Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S is surprisingly small in size and price
  • A first look at Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console
  • Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S console
  • Microsoft reveals Xbox Series S specs, promises four times the processing power of Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X launches on November 10th for $499
  • Your move, PS5
  • Xbox Game Pass is adding EA’s Play subscription service at no extra cost
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC is doubling its price next week
  • A closer look at Nvidia’s new RTX 3080
  • Apple announces ‘Time Flies’ event for September 15th
  • Apple Music for Android contains mentions of rumored ‘Apple One’ services bundle
  • iPhone 12: everything we think we know about Apple’s 2020 5G iPhones


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