All About Agnipath Scheme 2022- Agniveer Eligibility, Age Limit, Salary and All Details

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Here’s everything you need to know about the “Agnipath Scheme”. The Union Cabinet on June 14, 2022 approved a Scheme to recruit young Indians for service in the armed forces. The Scheme is called Agnipath and the young people selected under this Scheme will be known as Agniveer. Agnipath enables patriotic and motivated young men to serve in the armed forces for a period of four years.

The introduction of the scheme has been criticised for lack of consultation and public debate. The scheme is scheduled to be implemented from September 2022.

This system will bypass many of the things that existed in the old system, including long tenures, pensions, and other benefits. Opposition parties in India have criticized the consequences of the new system and expressed concerns. They have called for the Scheme to be suspended and for the plan to be debated in Parliament. On June 16, 2022, violent protests erupted in several Indian states, with military hopefuls angered by the new plan demanding its reversal and damaging public property. By June 17, 12 trains caught fire and the traffic of 300 trains was affected. 214 trains were cancelled, 11 trains were diverted and 90 were terminated short of their destination.

What is Agnipath?

The Agnipath Scheme was approved by the Government of India in June 2022 and is scheduled to be implemented from September 2022. The announcement was made on June 14, 2022. The Scheme is open to male and female applicants between the ages of 17.5 and 21. Protests against the Agnipath Scheme saw the central government raise the cap from 21 to 23, but only for 2022 recruitment.Recruitment through this Scheme is twice a year for the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

The Agnipath Scheme is the only path to military service. a four-year term that includes six months of training followed by 3.5 years use. After they leave service, they have the opportunity to apply to continue military service, and up to 25 percent of Agniveers are selected for the permanent cadre. Employees who retire after 4 years of service are not entitled to the pension but will receive a lump sum of approximately 11.71 lakh at the end of the tenure. Each year,The Indian government recruits between 45,000 and 50,000 people through this Scheme. In September 2022, 46,000 young people should be hired through the Scheme.

Agnipath Scheme 2022: FAQs

What is the Agnipath scheme?
Agnipath is a pan-India short-term service youth recruitment scheme for the armed forces. Recruits, known as Agniveers, will serve in varied terrains — desert, mountain, land, sea, or air.

What is the Agnipath Scheme Indian Army Age Limit?
The candidates who fall in the age group of 17.5 to 23 years are eligible for Agnipath Scheme Recruitment.

What is the service tenure granted under Agnipath scheme?
Under the Agnipath scheme, Agniveers will be employed for four years.

How many vacancies will be recruited through Agnipath Scheme?
This year, 46,000 vacancies in Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force will be filled through Agnipath Scheme.

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