Wayout microfactories create mini breweries and water treatment plants

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Wayout microfactories create mini breweries and water treatment plants

  • Swedish company Wayout created beverage microfactories that can be plugged in anywhere.
  • Users select recipes, order ingredients, and more through an app.
  • The microfactories minimize emissions, energy, and plastic waste. 
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Transportation and food systems are some of the largest industries contributing to climate change, and Swedish company Wayout has a solution beer and a smartphone app. The company’s microfactories treat water and turn it into different beverages, all within a machine smaller than 350 square feet. 

Wayout’s microfactories are “plug and play,” so beverages can be ready to go almost immediately as long as the operator has water and a power source. They come with materials for brewing beer and cider, which are ready in about a week, plus syrups for different sodas. Owners can customize any kind of craft beers or soda they can imagine, with the help of Wayout’s brewmasters.

With these microfactories, Wayout has removed many of the biggest environmental impacts of typical consumption. All the energy and emissions from bottling drinks, logistics, distribution, and producing plastic are gone when beverages are produced on-site. One safari camp in the Serengeti is already making plans to use a solar powered microfactory to produce four custom craft beers only available at the camp.

Here’s how it works.

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