National Dog Day 2020: History, Celebration & Importance of Dogs in Our Lives

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National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26th. This is a day for people to recognize the importance of dogs and how they impact their lives on a daily basis. Celebrating National Dog Day can be as easy as giving your four-legged friend a big hug and kiss.

History Of National Dog Day

Colleen Paige founded National Dog Day in 2004. Collen is an Animal Advocate and a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. The day marks the date she adopted her first family dog, Sheltie.

The Importance of Dogs in Our Lives

1. Dogs can decrease levels of human loneliness and can help reduce stress levels in human beings. If you will play with your dog, exercise, walk, and running It may reduce your mental stress. Having a dog improves your physical wellbeing and encourages a healthy fitness routine.

2. People recover faster from illnesses and even have higher survival rates after a heart attack if they have a dog.

3. The people who are the owners of dogs have lower blood pressure which is due to an increase in the amount of exercise they do on a regular basis.

4. Dogs provide a sense of security for us. A well-trained dog can provide a high degree of security, while even a small house dog can offer a sense of protection by alerting us to approaching strangers or unusual circumstances in the home.


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How To Celebrate National Dog Day?

1. Celebrating National Dog Day can be as easy as giving your four-legged friend a big hug, kiss, and snuggles. Dogs help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression — so Dog love is good for your health too!

2. Host a Dog Party with your dog’s favorite friends. It could be a big playdate at your local dog beach or a party at your local dog park.

3. Adopt a dog from your local shelter.

4. Make your dog a tasty special treat.

5. Send a dog-related gift to your friend or family member.
6. Spend the day taking photos of your dog and use the hashtag #nationaldogday to post on social media.

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