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John Krasinksi, David Ortiz and the Red Sox delight hospital workers

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John Krasinksi, David Ortiz and the Red Sox delight hospital workers


John Krasinski and John Krasinski on a unicorn.

Some Good News/YouTube

This week on Some Good News, John Krasinski delved into the world of fan art, dropped Marvel and The Office references, and brought a massive gift to deserving doctors and nurses.

The third episode in the positive YouTube series also saw cameos from Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt, ex-Red Sox star David Ortiz, as well as the entire Red Sox team.

For this episode, Krasinski sent doctors and nurses working in the COVID unit of a hospital in Massachusetts to Fenway Park, the Red Sox stadium.

There, after throwing a pitch, they received a standing ovation from the Red Sox team who were projected onto the big screen with the message, “Thank you, healthcare heroes.”

For Krasinski’s Marvel reference, skip to 1:25, where he features fan comic book art. He looks knowingly at the camera and says, “It’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to playing a comic book hero.” Krasinski famously auditioned for Captain America, but missed out to Chris Evans.

For The Office reference, skip to 6:28. It’ll speak for itself.

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