Everything we know—and don’t know—about Google’s new smart speaker

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Everything we know—and don’t know—about Google’s new smart speaker

The cat’s out of the bag as far as Google’s latest smart speaker goes, with the company essentially confirming the rumored Home successor on Thursday with a coyly worded email containing a snapshot and a video of the unannounced device.

Many key details about the new Google smart speaker are still shrouded in mystery, but we can tease out a few facts by studying the official photo and Google’s brief teaser video.

What we know about Google’s new smart speaker

Google Assistant is onboard

Well, no duh, but given that Google gives so little away in its teaser video, we might as well notch this one as one of the few certainties. In the brief video, a man on a sofa says “Hey Google, play some music,” and four telltale LEDs on the new speaker (speakers, actually, there two of them) light up as the music begins to play. So yes, Google Assistant confirmed.

You can connect two of them as a stereo pair

Like I just said, there are two new Google speakers at the beginning of the video, and they’re flanking the man who’s sitting on the sofa, with their LEDs flashing in unison as the music plays. It’s safe to say we’re looking at a stereo pair here—again, not a huge shock, given that you can already connect a couple of Google Nest Minis as a stereo pair. But still, we’ll take what we can get.

The sound quality is…good?

This one’s more of an educated guess, but based on earlier rumors about the new Google smart speaker, not to mention the fact that Google’s teaser video kicks off with tunes, it’s a safe bet that the new speaker boasts enhanced audio quality, probably closer to the sound of the Google Home Max (which the new speaker resembles) than the somewhat iffy audio quality of the smaller Google Nest Mini.

It’s shaped like a potato sack

Or like a pillow standing up on its end, or a huge Apple AirPods case covered in fabric. Work with me, people.

It comes in at least two colors

The new speaker in Google’s official photo has a hue that’s similar to the “sky”-colored Nest Mini, or maybe closer to the “chalk” version (I’m not that great with colors), while a second speaker in the teaser video looks pink. So, different colors!

It’s about 8.25 inches tall

Since Google is tacitly confirming the leaked speaker photos from yesterday, we’ll feel free to scour them for clues, and according to a ruler in the snapshots, the new speaker is about 210 mm tall, or about 8.25 inches. That’s nearly two inches taller than the discontinued Google Home (which the new speaker is presumably replacing), and more than an inch taller than the imposing (albeit considerably wider) Google Home Max.

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