Cherry DW 9000 Slim review: Eye-catching keyboard and mouse combo is pleasingly productive

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Cherry DW 9000 Slim review: Eye-catching keyboard and mouse combo is pleasingly productive

The Cherry DW 9000 Slim is a modestly priced wireless desktop keyboard-and-mouse combo. With its full-size layout and comfortable keys, the keyboard can be easily swapped in for your daily driver without missing a stroke. And, though the mouse is a little on the small size, its half-dozen customizable keys allow you to tailor it to your productivity needs.

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The Cherry DW 9000 Slim is quite a looker. The underside of my review model was done in bronze, with the top deck and keys in black. (It’s also available in a very Apple-like silver-and-white color scheme.) There’s a bit of cutaway around each key to allow a sliver of bronze to show through, creating a nice accent trim. Despite the plastic casing, the keyboard weighs about half a pound due to a solid metal plate placed inside the chassis to increase stability. It feels very durable.

The keyboard measures 17.3 x 5.1 x .06 inches. That’s ample room for a full set of alpha-numeric keys; a dozen function keys; a number pad; scroll keys; and Windows lock, browser, volume up/down, mute, and calculator buttons. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and there’s a micro-USB port on the back for connecting the supplied charging cable.

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The keyboard and mouse are attractively designed and durable. The stick-on feet feel like an afterthought, though.

The DW 9000 doesn’t include backlighting, but that’s a minor quibble. More surprising, given the lux look of the low-profile keyboard, is how it handles height adjustment. Instead of the integrated flip-down feet you’d expect, a quartet of individual rubber feet are included as accessories. To attach them, you have to peel off a sheet of plastic covering some adhesive and stick them on the bottom.

It works well enough, but it makes ergonomics feel like an afterthought. And unlike with retractable feet, which allow you to change keyboard postures at your whim, these adhesive ones require you to make a commitment. While I suppose you could peel them off and reattach them when needed, they will undoubtedly lose their stickiness over time.


The DW 9000 and its accompanying mouse can connect via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz USB receiver. Each of these connection methods is the same for both devices.

jd 9000 2 aufs m Cherry

The mouse has six buttons that can be custom mapped.

For Bluetooth, you slide a switch—on the back of the keyboard and bottom of the mouse—to “BT,” and press a button next to it to activate the connection, then follow the prompts on your PC to complete the process. To connect using the receiver, you remove the USB dongle slotted magnetically into the bottom of the mouse and plug it into your computer. Then slide the switch on the keyboard or mouse to “RF” and the device will connect automatically.

Typing feel

Surprisingly, for a company known for its iconic mechanical switches, Cherry’s DW 9000 uses a scissor-mechanism switch instead. Despite the keyboard’s thinness, the chiclet keys have a decent amount of travel and deliver a snappy stroke with a satisfying thunk. I appreciated that tactile feedback because the keys are virtually silent when typing with normal pressure.

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