WHO believes that Garlic cures coronavirus

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WHO believes that Garlic cures coronavirus

The Coronavirus  has been promptly spreading across China, with the number of infections increasing every few days and confirmed cases are also starting to increase in other countries as well. Doctors,Researchers and Scientist have been trying to find an effective treatment to fight the virus.

One report recently said and gave hope to us and those trying to block the coronavirus. It declared that doctors discovered the health benefits of garlic could help cure the infection.

The report that went viral on social media further claimed that boiling garlic and drinking the extract will treat the coronavirus overnight. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there is no such evidence proving the effect of garlic against coronavirus.

Also, the WHO said garlic can provide various health benefits because of its antimicrobial properties. Garlic contains prebiotic components, fructans, antibacterial compounds, and organosulfur compound. But it has no proven effects till now that it can block or cure coronavirus.

WHO said that the research is still continuing to find the first effective medicine against the infection. Patients currently receive only optimized supportive care to treat the illness.

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