Ryzen 4000 mini-PC, 8TB Samsung SSD lead July 2020 top product alerts

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Ryzen 4000 mini-PC, 8TB Samsung SSD lead July 2020 top product alerts

With all the upheaval and cancellation of trade shows this year, product announcements have been plentiful and scattershot as companies fire off news at different times. It’s a lot to take in—so to help you keep up, we’ve pulled out the best of the bunch with an eye on PC components, PC accessories, and software. We’ve also included items that launched this month so you don’t miss out, since shortages are a real thing these days.

July’s announcements include a juicy 8TB SSD, a powerful Ryzen mini PC, and a wireless version of one of our favorite gaming headsets. Let’s dive in.

July 2020’s top product announcements

Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SATA SSD

samsung870qvo dynamic Samsung

Despite the insane pricing of this 8TB SSD, we’re still excited for its imminent arrival.

Samsung made 2TB SSDs downright pedestrian by promising a whopping 8TB version of its 870 QVO SATA SSD, which we found to be a “great everyday performer.” Slated to hit shelves in August, this QLC drive has us anticipating its launch despite its $900 price tag—given how fast today’s games and video projects eat up space, we need this push toward higher-capacity SSDs to make 2TB and 4TB drives more common.

Asus Mini PC PN50

asus mini pc pn50 Asus

Asus’s upcoming mini PC will sport Ryzen 4000 mobile processors.

Intel processors have dominated the mini-PC space for ages, but AMD’s mighty Ryzen 4000 CPUs have begun to make inroads. The upcoming Asus Mini PC PN50 boasts chip options ranging from the modest 4300U to the beefier 4800U, and comes packed with other bleeding-edge technology like support for 8K displays at 60Hz, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C ports, Wi-Fi 6, and 3200MHz RAM. Prices even slightly undercut its main competition, Intel’s current line-up of NUCs. Given how well Ryzen 4000 mobile parts have performed in laptops, we’re excited to see how they do in this mini-desktop format.

InWin Saturn ASN120

inwin saturn asn120 argb fan InWin

We look forward to seeing InWin’s take on modular fans in person.

You could easily dismiss the InWin Saturn ASN120 as just another set of RGB fans—but this 120mm model’s minimal frame, tidy cabling, ARGB lighting, and broad compatibility with popular motherboard vendors’ RGB software make it appealing. We especially like InWin’s take on modularity, which lets you daisy chain the fans with very short cables and eliminates the need for a splitter cable off the motherboard. The approach isn’t as elegant as Lian Li’s Unifan concept, but it’s less fussy. According to Technewstoday, launch is expected sometime between now and September, with pricing info and a 140mm version still to come.

Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed

logitech g pro x lightspeed Logitech

We loved the wired version of this headset when we reviewed it in 2019.

One of our favorite wired headsets from last year is back with a wireless variant—the exact thing we wished for in our review, where we also said that the Logitech G Pro X was “easily the best all-around gaming headset on the market.” Right now, we’re at home rocking a variety of lesser headsets, and the Logitech G Pro X Lightspeed’s lack of a tether makes the $200 price tag worth pondering before its August launch.

Ultra-compact Asus and Razer mechanical keyboards

Asus ROG Falchion Asus

Eliminating the upper row and the 10-key number pad makes for an ultra-streamlined keyboard.

Freedom and choice is what makes the PC great—not just when it comes to components, but accessories, too. We like the look of the Asus ROG Falchion, a compact wireless mechanical keyboard with a touch panel and Cherry MX switches that’ll launch in Q4 2020, but perhaps you prefer a different type of keyboard switch. No problem—Razer announced a mini version of its wired Huntsman keyboard this month, too.

Maybe you’re not a fan of ultra pared-down keyboards? Check out the Asus ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk keyboard, a 10-keyless model with a shock of pink keycaps as accents, and the HyperX Alloy Elite 2, a standard-size board with partially translucent keycaps that intensify your RGB game.

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