MaxiVPN Is Offering Full Online Security Protection For Less Than $25 A Year

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MaxiVPN Is Offering Full Online Security Protection For Less Than $25 A Year

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You may not have heard, but Australia is under attack.

While bombs aren’t raining over Brisbane or military forces rolling through Melbourne, the country is currently battling a huge “state-based” cyberattack that’s targeting Australian institutions from universities and hospitals to business and government systems.

Everyone online is vulnerable these days, from one of the world’s largest economies to you. But while Australia’s problem is decidedly multifaceted, yours can generally be handled with much simpler means.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the first and best lines of defense against cyberattacks or the general loss of privacy online. Right now, you can defend yourself with a two-year subscription to a MaxiVPN Premium Plan service, a nearly $300 plan now on sale for just $49.

MaxiVPN bills itself as the fastest and most powerful VPN solution on the market — and they seem intent on having the credentials to back up their claim. MaxiVPN offers a strong server network, with over 300 high-speed hubs scattered nearly 50 different countries worldwide, your IP address, your traffic and all your data will remain encrypted and protected globally.

Connect to their network via any location and you’ll remain shrouded from any cyberthieves or online snoops trying to monitor your activities or steal your information.

MaxiVPN’s network also allows for connection speeds that rival your ISP with unlimited bandwidth for all your data usage needs. And if you’re an international traveler or just a fan of world culture, MaxiVPN also makes it possible to watch region-locked content from virtually anywhere you are.

With the premium MaxiVPN plan, their protection extends to an unlimited number of devices, so you can cover all your connected tech at home as well as mobile devices.

To lock in MaxiVPN service for 24 months, you’d usually be looking at a total of nearly $300. But with this limited-time price drop, you can get all that protection for only $49.

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