Master Chief Collection campaign co-op not working? Here’s how to fix it

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Master Chief Collection campaign co-op not working? Here’s how to fix it

Diving into Halo 3’s campaign with an online friend (or several) sometimes simply doesn’t…work on PC. You’ll send out the invites and group up, pick and load a mission, and then the game abruptly hangs before kicking you to the main screen. Or you’ll get to play for a short while, and then everything freezes and boots you.

Either way, you get torn apart and can even lose your progress, both of which are irritating as hell. And this experience isn’t isolated to Halo 3—it can happen with other Microsoft games that rely on Xbox Live servers for multiplayer too, be it the rest of the Master Chief Collection or Forza.

The problem is usually related to network address translation (NAT) and Windows 10’s Teredo service. As a networking issue, it can be a little nebulous to solve, as the reasons for the trouble vary from person to person. To help, we’ve gathered all the major troubleshooting steps you can take (and have had to try ourselves) to fix the problem.

How to fix Halo 3 campaign co-op connection issues

Xbox Networking status message PCWorld

If you’re having problems with Halo: MCC’s online campaign co-op, you’ll very likely see a report similar to this one.

To summarize the matter, Xbox Live servers handle multiplayer connections for Halo: Master Chief Collection (even on PC), and if you’re not connected to them with an open NAT type, it can hinder the quality of your multiplayer experience or outright block co-op play.

So your ideal end goal in walking through these troubleshooting steps is to achieve open NAT while connected to the servers. Moderate NAT can work as well in select circumstances (see below), so don’t despair if your router won’t cooperate.

  • Open NAT: Can connect to users with any NAT type
  • Moderate NAT: Can connect to users with moderate and open NAT
  • Strict NAT: Can connect only to users with open NAT

(Anecdotally, we’ve had the most consistent success with moderate NAT when the rest of the party all had open NAT.)

Step 1: Find out your Xbox Live connectivity status

First determine the exact nature of your problem by getting an Xbox Live connectivity report in Windows 10’s settings.

Go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode > Xbox Networking (or type “game mode” into Windows Search), then wait for the screen to report on your Xbox Live multiplayer settings.

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