Hashtag Trending – Foodora exits Canada; Telus continues to give; CES and COVID-19

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Hashtag Trending – Foodora exits Canada; Telus continues to give; CES and COVID-19

Foodora says goodbye to Canada, Ontario’s frontline healthcare workers get a boost from Telus and Koodo, and there’s suddenly a lot of talk about how the CES event in January may have helped spread COVID-19 before quarantine efforts were underway.

After 5 years of operating in Canada, mobile food delivery company Foodora announced on Monday that it will cease its Canadian operations after May 11, 2020. The company says it’s not been able to “reach a level of profitability in Canada that’s sustainable enough to continue operations.” In February, the Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled that Foodora couriers had the right to unionize. Not saying these two events are related but, the timing is still a little strange.

Moving on, Telus has announced that it’s crediting monthly rate plan charges for two months for frontline healthcare workers at select hospitals across Ontario. The credit will be available to eligible Telus and Koodo customers to help them stay connected. Telus’ medical advisory council identified the following hospitals with the largest COVID-19 caseloads:

  • University Health Network, Toronto
  • St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
  • Sinai Health Systems, Toronto
  • Trillium Health Partners, Peel
  • North York General Hospital, York
  • The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa

And lastly, remember CES? Well, for some time now, speculation has been whipping around social media about how the virus might have incubated during CES and spread worldwide when attendees travelled home. However, a story on apmreports.org points to some clear evidence that the virus was likely circulating at the conference. The publication spoke with multiple conference attendees who became seriously ill in the days after CES. Three of them are still waiting for results of antibody tests. CES organizers told APM Reports that they aren’t aware of any confirmed cases of Covid-19 from the conference.

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