AMD’s Ryzen 4000 G-series chips arrive, but the company promises you’ll want the next chip instead

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AMD’s Ryzen 4000 G-series chips arrive, but the company promises you’ll want the next chip instead

Describing its newest line of Ryzen 4000 G and Ryzen Pro 4000 G chips with graphics cores as the “ultimate” desktop chips, on Tuesday AMD unleashed no fewer than 18 new processors. There’s a catch, though: They’ll be available only in pre-built systems from large PC makers.

Six of the new Ryzens, as well as three new Athlons, are aimed at consumers who would like leading multi-core performance and the ability to play games at 1080p resolution, the company said. Mirroring the nine new Ryzen and Athlons for consumers, AMD also introduced nine Pro models with enhanced security and manageability features.

”So if those enthusiasts are reading the news tomorrow and thinking ‘where my’s upgrade?!’ I promise it’s coming,” Hallock said.

The new chips are essentially desktop cousins of the company’s impressive Ryzen 4000 chips found in laptops, tuned for the higher thermal and power capabilities of a desktop. The new processors are built using a single-die design, with the x86 cores sitting alongside the Radeon graphics cores. 

As such, they feature a x8 PCIe Gen 3 connection to the GPU and do not support PCI Gen 4. The chips are compatible with 500-series motherboards and are expected to be paired mostly with B550 and B550 Pro motherboards.

Although AMD didn’t test the new G-series of desktop chips in Adobe’s updated Premiere Pro, we assume the parts should get the same boost as its mobile cousin does. You can read about that here where AMD tested several Ryzen 4000 laptops using the latest version of Premiere.

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Sorry, DIYers: No Ryzen 4000 G for you!

Alas, DIY builders won’t get a chance to buy them, as the consumer chips will be sold only through large PC manufacturers such as HP, Dell or Lenovo. Smaller system integrators such CyberPower PC and iBuypower also will be left out this round, according to AMD. Those smaller SI’s will get access to the Ryzen Pro chips that are meant for commercial sales though. This morning, in fact, Velocity Micro posted a web page for Ryzen Pro-based desktops on its web site. There was initially some confusion coming out of AMD’s press briefing that system integrators would not get any of the new chips but AMD officials clarified that they would indeed get the pro lineup. One thing that’s for certain though: Consumers won’t get the parts directly.

AMD knows it’s disappointing some fans, and it responded with a message of hope. “We understand and appreciate that there are lots of DIY builders out there that have APUs and they want to upgrade those APUs,” said AMD’s Robert Hallock during a press briefing discussing the new chips. “And while I cannot go into the details of our roadmap, there is a next-gen APU coming for DIY customers, and it will fit into 400- and 500-series boards.”

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Most tech companies never make promises, but Hallock broke that rule and actually pinkie-swore to it. “So if those enthusiasts are reading the news tomorrow and thinking ‘where my’s upgrade?!’ I promise it’s coming,” Hallock said.

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