Yeedi K700 review: This robot vacuum/mop hybrid delivers smart navigation at a budget price

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Yeedi K700 review: This robot vacuum/mop hybrid delivers smart navigation at a budget price

Price: $299.99
Where to buy:  Amazon

Overall Coverage:

Smart navigation with Camera Mapping technology allows the robot vacuum to map its surroundings, and plan a zigzag path to clean an entire level of your home, to avoid missing spots, more efficient and cleaner than random cleaning.

2 in 1 Vacuum & Mop:

The vacuuming mode can last for 110min, with the largest 2000Pa suction, perfect for cleaning pet hair, food fragments, pet food on the carpet. The mopping mode can last for 250min and can start and stop automatically to prevent slips on the hard floor. Ultra-slim body, easy to clean under furniture without missing any dead corner for deep cleaning.

Smart Sterilization System:

The 300ML reservoir combined with disinfectant achieves effective sterilization. Three-layer air filtration effectively blocks 99% of allergens, pollens, and tiny particles. Remote Control, simpler than APP control, easy to operate, especially suitable for the elderly.

More Smart Features:

A toughened glass cover combines aesthetics and scratch resistance. The sensor monitors in real-time, identify obstacles, avoids collisions with furniture, automatically recognizes steps, and prevents the robot from falling. The robotic vacuum can recognize low battery level and automatic return charging.

What You Get:

1* Yeedi K700 robot vacuum cleaner, 1* Docking station, 2*Side brushes, 1* Remote control (2 AAA batteries included), 1*Multi-function cleaning tool, 1* 300ML Water tank, 1*600ML dustbin, 2*Washable Mop Pads, 1*Sponge filter and 1*High-performance filter in the dustbin, 1*Instruction manual, and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

Yeedi Upgraded K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Smart Features

V-shaped Main Brush

The main brush can reach deep into the gaps in the floor, remove hidden dust, and pick up pet hair, bringing you peace of mind.

Smart Mopping System

An electrically-controlled reservoir design, combined with disinfectant, effectively sterilizes. The mopping function can automatically start and stop, so that the floor dries up immediately after mopping to prevent slips.

High Efficiency Filter

The triple-filter system captures up to 99% of dust mites and allergens. Say goodbye to the things that make you sneeze and itch.

Automatically Recharge

Never worry about running out of power. yeedi K700 automatically returns to the charging dock when the cleaning cycle is complete or battery gets low.

Price: $299.99
Where to buy:  Amazon

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