Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra: Which ultimate flagship should get all of your money?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra: Which ultimate flagship should get all of your money?

The Ultra phone is here to stay. At its Galaxy Unpacked event last week, Samsung announced two sizes of its Galaxy Note 20 phone. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model replaced last year’s Plus model at the top end. That makes two Ultras for Samsung, along with the previously announced Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Which one should you buy (if you can afford the prices, both well north of $1,000)? We’ll go through the major points of comparison to help you decide.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra: Design

As Samsung’s screens have gotten bigger over the years, the visual differences between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones have shrunken along with the bezels. Both phones are basically all-screen now, with a sliver of black above and below the screen, but their shapes differ. The Note is taller with squared corners, to resemble a notepad, while the S20 is rounded like a transitional phone. But they’re both barely small enough to fit in your pocket:

Galaxy S20 Ultra: 166.9 x 76 x 8.8 mm

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: 164.8×77.2×8.1mm

note 20 s20 ultra bump Michael Simon/IDG

Both phones have big bumps but the Note 20 Ultra’s is just a little bumpier.

The phones even look quite similar from the back. Both have a rather large raised camera array in the top left corner, but the Note’s housing has a bit more of a bump (at least Samsung ditched the tacky Space Zoom branding). While they’re both made of glass, the Note has a frosted finish, along with an exclusive “Mystic Bronze” hue that doesn’t reflect light as much as the S20 does, and feels less slippery. It’s a great color and a great look that gives the Note a real elegance.

My pick: Both phones are extremely big and a touch unwieldy due to their gigantic camera bumps. I prefer the S20 ever so slightly, but if you like big phones, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra: Display

These are Samsung flagships, so both of these phones have excellent screens. It’s hard to find a flaw in either of them:

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