Pencil Kings Is Producing Working Artists. You Can Join Them For Under $35

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Pencil Kings Is Producing Working Artists. You Can Join Them For Under $35

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For anyone who has ever considered the art school route to a career in commercial art, we hope you had some wealthy benefactors standing by. Because art school is decidedly not cheap.

You might even be surprised to learn that several art schools are among the top 25 most expensive schools in the U.S., including the California Institute of the Arts ($36,997 annual tuition and fees), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ($38,965) and the Art Center College of Design ($39,672).

Rather than putting yourself in debt before your career even starts, the training in the Pencil Kings Ultimate Character Drawing and Design Course Bundle ($34.99, 80 percent off) might be the more practical path to a profitable art career, and certainly, a less expensive one.

This creative online hot spot is an art program designed to give budding artists the actual real-world skills and techniques to produce high-quality work and get employed plying your craft with the biggest companies around. And with instructors hailing from studios like Marvel, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Sony, EA, Activision and more, a step into the big leagues isn’t out of the question for those with the talent to match their initiative.

The Pencil Kings program includes 11 beginner and advanced level courses, each offering complete step-by-step guides to producing a specific finished work. Of course, along the way, those projects walk students through executing fundamental figure drawing, shading, color, design and other vital creative components to make each project work. By the time you’re finished, you’ll see how all the pieces fit together to start creating incredible finished work of your own.

The training progresses as quickly or as slowly as each student needs. Meanwhile, the Pencil Kings students comprise a unique community, with members always communicating, participating in live discussions, and posting work inside the private forums to solicit opinions and advice or just make friends.

The full Pencil Kings curriculum is valued at $180, but with the current deal, you can enroll in the full set of their courses for 80 percent off, only $34.99.

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