Let Batman or the Riddler guide you on your next Waze trip

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Let Batman or the Riddler guide you on your next Waze trip

Batman Waze

You have to choose a side. Well, you don’t have to, but it’s fun.


Batman fans, Waze is about to be a lot cooler for you. Starting today, DC said, the option will unlock in the navigation app to let drivers choose Batman or the Riddler as their guidance voice of choice as part of preparations for DC’s celebration of Batman Day next month.

Batman’s for when you’re feeling extra-heroic, while the Riddler is for the times you want a drive to feel a tad more villainous. Batman’s voice is provided by actor Kevin Conroy, who voices the superhero in Batman: The Animated Series and remains an iconic shepherd of the superhero’s portrayal. Actor Wally Wingert handles the Riddler’s voice with that certain sense of geekiness the villain always exudes.

Not only will both of them voice a trip, but fans can also choose to have their Waze icon show as the Batmobile or a custom Riddler vehicle icon and select a special Batman or Riddler mood. And highlighting Waze’s integration with Spotify, drivers can also flip through curated DC superhero and villain playlists.

Batman Day unfolds Sept. 19 with tons of other things planned, including a series of “digital activities.” As for the Waze fun, it will depart the app on Oct. 31.

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