Best computer monitor of 2020

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Best computer monitor of 2020

  • It takes a fairly long list of features to bag the overall best computer monitor spot, but the BenQ PD3200U is certainly well-deserving.
  • This 4K display delivers high resolution, factory-calibrated color accuracy, superb image quality and decent port selection at an affordable price and a reasonable size. That’s without even mentioning its pro feature set.
  • However, there are plenty other excellent monitors out there, which we’ve collected below based on personal experience and rigorous research.

The best computer monitors will help you achieve a level of productivity that many standard displays or laptop screens just won’t. Whether it’s because your daily PC workload demands more screen real estate and higher resolution, or you require eye-care features that help reduce eye strain and fatigue, the best ones out there will simply change your experience for the better.

For that reason, it’s best to invest. The best computer monitors on the market may cost you a little more than those cheap ones you’ll find at office supplies warehouse stores. However, they’ll also deliver better image quality, build integrity, and feature sets, making them a better value than the bargain basement options.

Of course, what’s best for everyone else may not be what’s best for you. You may need a 4K monitor for your video and photo editing work, or you might be better off with a smaller screen to fit in your tiny dorm room or apartment. To help you find the most ideal one for your needs, we found the best computer monitor for every category. 

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Here are the best computer monitors you can buy:

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