Bengaluru specialist cured Prince Charles who was tested COVID-19 positive

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Bengaluru specialist cured Prince Charles who was tested COVID-19 positive

Prince Charles infected with corona virus Britain’s news of a COVID-19 pickup was reported at Buckingham Palace. However, there is a sense of relief.Prince is recovering from cancer. How quickly did he recover? The Union Minister of State for Ayush Division of India answered this question. His claim is that Elizabeth’s son has become just under the supervision of a Bengaluru expert.

State Minister Sripad Nayak on Thursday said Prince Charles was healed of Ayurveda and homeopathy. And his full credit to the expert of Bengaluru. Naik told the news at a press conference in Panaji.He said, “Running a health center in Bengaluru called ‘Saukita’. Head on He told me over the phone that Ayurveda and homeopathy were used to remove coronary microbes from Prince Charles’ body. His treatment was successful. Prince is completely free now. ”

Dr Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga etc. have been researching for a long time. Head on It worked on those drugs. Naturally, his success is showing India in a new direction.Whether or not these drugs and therapies can be used to cope with cOVID-19, trials have already begun. The Special Task Force appointed by the center is investigating the whole matter while talking to the doctor.When people in the world are horrified by the horrors of Coronation, the fame of the Bengaluru doctor can become Jeonkathi. Hope is the countryman.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is building a new hospital to cope with Corona.He inaugurated the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London Docklands on Friday. There are four thousand coronary infected patients in the hospital. Although he will not be physically present at the inauguration. Be present via video call.Because the Prince is now in self-isolation.

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