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Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

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iPhone Apps for Medical and Healthcare Purposes

The iPhone Apps for Medical and Healthcare Purposes

Medical and Health-care applications became an important part for the iPhone applications. With the advanced technology and mobile applications, serious health problems have been transformed into an easier solution for solving and taking care of health issues. The iPhone applications for medical and health-care are very useful for patients and at the same time are very productive for doctors and hospitals. The main advantage of these medical apps is – the doctors can introduce their own version of iPhone application to reach more patients who might be looking for them. In any case, if the patient is not able to visit the hospital, they can connect with the doctor directly from their iPhone.

The patients can even download lifestyle management apps from the iPhone App store that reminds them of their diet, workout schedules and inform new side effects, etc. The Medical applications are categorized into-

• Family Health Reports.

• Disease Reference.

• Medical News.

• Medical Calculators.

• Medical abbreviations.

• Medical Reference.

• Yoga Instructor.

• Medical dictionary.

• Drug Guide.

• Heart Imaging Technology.

• Personal Health-care and many others.

The user can find hundreds of applications under each of the above said categories. Here is a list of some of the popular applications, which are really useful and one must download them on their iPhones.

Skeletal System: The full version of this powerful application concentrates mainly on the bones of the neck and head. The users are allowed to zoom in and identify any individual bone or any part of the bone. This app has been designed especially for medical students and professionals to get knowledge of anatomical medicine.

Mental illness: The app includes topic related to mental health like – Anxiety, Depression, Memory loss, Stress, Panic disorder, personality disorder etc. This is a perfect app for residents, nurses, doctors, students and other people who want to know about mental illness.

Davis’s Drug Guide: The app has many drug resources and guides which are available for free. To obtain the services of Davis’s drug guide, one must need a paid subscription.

Gazelle – Mobile Health Application: The users are allowed to store and share essential health related information with doctors. The users can understand their diagnostic results and stay updated with their health information, in case of, any emergency, medical reminders and schedules, with the help of this application.

U-Hear: The app helps the users in testing their hearing capability and knowing whether it is in normal range or not. One can determine the quieter sounds and speech in noise to measure the ability to understand speech in the presence of noise.

i-Goal: This app acts as a weight loss and gain calculator which includes – BMI calculator, alerts if the diet is improper or harmful, body characteristics etc.

Pillbox: The app is created by Community Health Network which has latest medication list. With the help of this app, the users can track their family’s medication list on their mobile devices, manage database of medication information, track multiple profiles, maintain lists of doctors and physicians etc.

Memory Matrix: The app helps the users to sharpen their brain with a fun brain training game. The app is used by many people including – doctors, physiologists, neuroscience professionals etc. The app has a lot of information and latest news related to heart. One can find the latest developments in cardiology and cardiovascular research. The app also delivers timely coverage of clinical trials, cardiology conferences, EMA rulings etc.

Blood Pressure Companion Free: Today, blood pressure is a common disease and one must keep track of their blood pressure to live a healthy life. This app can be used to track blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight. The users can monitor their blood pressure closely and view it by charts and histograms.

For more applications related to medical and health-care, one must visit the iPhone App Store.