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Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

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How to get Instagram dark mode: for iPhone and Android

Image: © Shutterstock

Instagram dark mode is an alternative color scheme for the photo-sharing app, which replaces its usual white interface with shades of gray and black. So why is that important, and how can you get it?

Using apps in dark mode can help improve your phone’s battery life if you’re a particularly heavy user, because white pixels draw measurably more power than black ones. This is particularly true of phones with AMOLED screens, where black pixels are switch off entirely.

Many people also find that dark mode reduces eye strain, particularly at night, due to reduced glare.

Finally, Instagram dark mode just looks good, and when it comes to the apps we use every day, more choice is always welcome. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter all offer dark modes, so it’s great to see Instagram joining them.

As head of Instagram Adam Mosseri revealed when it launched in October 2019, you need to be running the latest version of the mobile operating system – that is, Android 10 or iOS 13 – to enjoy the dark tones. If and when that changes, we’ll update this guide accordingly will full instructions explaining how to switch.
How to enable Instagram dark mode for iPhone

If you have an iPhone running iOS 13, these steps will allow you to change its system settings and use Instagram in dark mode.

Open your phone’s settings
Select ‘Display and brightness’
Tap ‘Dark’ to change the theme
Launch Instagram

How to enable Instagram dark mode for Android

To enable Instagram’s dark mode for phone running Android 10, simply follow these four steps:

Open your phone’s settings
Scroll down to ‘Display’
Activate the ‘Dark theme’ toggle
Launch Instagram