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Google sends out General Public Health Information notifications to fight coronavirus

Software giant Google has just sent notifications to users in a bit to fight against the on-going global pandemic coronavirus. This notification was part of a public service announcement (PSA) in partnership with the “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.” The notification directed users to a Google search result for the term “Coronavirus tips”. The company seems to have added a custom section on top of the search results as part of the PSA. This section urged users to follow five different tips to stop the spread of the virus. Let’s have a closer look at the contents of the PSA section below.

Google sends out coronavirus PSA; details
Inspecting the contents of the PSA section, here are the five tips to help stop the spread of coronavirus. First up, wash your hands as often as possible. Second, use your elbow to cough into to ensure that you don’t spread any airborne viruses. Third, don’t touch your face as it may be a virus hotbed. The fourth tip asked users to maintain a safe distance from one another. The last tip as part of the PSA asked users to stay at home if they felt sick. The PSA notification came with the title “DO THE FIVE – 5 things to start doing now” to “Help stop coronavirus.”

It is worth noting that the PSA section also included a “More info” button. Clicking the button brings the user to the official Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India website. Here, users can access important information such as the latest coronavirus helpline numbers and email. In addition, the website also provides direct access to various advisories and guidelines.

The website also provides an official counter of the total number of coronavirus cases across India. This includes state-by-state breakdown along with total discharged patients and the number of deaths. Google has also added this “DO THE FIVE” link on its search homepage. It is also worth noting that Google is not the only one that has created a custom coronavirus-focused section. Other popular platforms including WhatsApp also rolled out a coronavirus information hub to combat misinformation.