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Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Aviance Tech News


Gmail gets Search Chips, it will make it easier for users to find old emails

Google has added to Gmail new search filters called Search Chips, which enable users to sort and sift through old emails with just a click.

Often users find it difficult to narrow down on a single email from the plethora of emails. Gmail has now come up with new updates to help users solve this problem. It has come up with a simple but significant update that will help them pinpoint on a single mail that they were looking for and the update is called Search Chips.

This comes because, and this is something Google wrote on the G Suite app blog, Google has “heard from users that searching in Gmail could be faster and more intuitive.”

With Search Chips, you can easily refine your search results and find what you are looking for faster, without needing to sort through irrelevant returns or search operators,” a company spokesperson wrote on the official blog.

“Search chips” is what Google calls these new filters that will appear with the upgraded version of Gmail. They will be accessible through one click below the search box. A variety of filters will be available. These filters will help users sort out the mails using automatic rules in following ways.

– The emails narrowed down by “sender”

– Whether or not emails have an attachment

– Emails sorted through time frame

– Emails that exclude certain search results like calendar updates or chats

– Specific emails filtered by attachment type, such as text, spreadsheet or PDF.

With these filters, the search of the user can become narrower, faster and more useful. For instance, if a user was to look for one particular mail that he or she received some time back, say a month with some sort of an attachment, it will be searchable by putting in the sender’s name, with a PDF and the time frame. This can be done by just a few clicks on the filters.

The previous method used for filtering messages was a little cumbersome and tasking as compared to the upgraded version.

Previously, users could sift through their emails by creating a filter by clicking the arrow to the right of the search bar and setting the required criteria. Filters could also be applied by clicking on the three dots from individual messages and by clicking on “filter like this.”